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so the wife and I went to look at a few new campers yeasterday ..  we had previously decided that one model was our favorite, but yesterday we looked at another modle and it has been moved into the number 1 spot for now.  previously it was the advent...
so I have tried with this forum and it is just messed up beyond all beliefe, new posts are horabaly highlighted at best, if some one replys to anything but the main topic then it isn't highlighted but moved up, the format for browsing is horrible.  a...
so as of today, I don't have a Battery in my camper.  I gave my 280Ah home built one to a friend for his camper.  this isn't an issue as I bought 4 new cells in september to build a new battery, I have just been working so much overtime at work I hav...
for some reason new post are not being highlighted, or bold or what ever it is this new board does to a thread when it has new posts.  for the last week or two there has been no way to diferentiate between a topic with old posts and one that contains...
Just wondering if somthing is broke in the truck camper forum as the start a conversation button is grey and won't let you start a post where every other forum it is green and works fine. Steve