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Explorer II
Explorer II
So, I had to do a very messy job today. Without providing details, or determining who the culprits were, all I can say is wipes, flushable wipes, baby wipes (scented and unscented), are the Devil's spawn. That is all.
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you CAN put a clean wipe in a container of water to see if it actually does decompose quickly or not to determine this.

We never let anyone else use our RV toilet, but still have a prominent "Flush Toilet Paper only - no wipes!" sign over the toilet, just in case.

Hopefully no one takes it too literally and thinks that bodily waste shouldn't be flushed.

Explorer III
Explorer III
I have some in the S&B that are specifically labeled "DO NOT FLUSH", but it is a very small warning.
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Explorer II
Explorer II
Every major city sewage system spends thousands or hundreds of thousands of $’s clearing wipes and other items from their filter systems. We have a separate can for wipes.
Tom Wilds
Blythewood, SC
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We built our "NEW" corporate offices 2 years back, everything was brand spanking new..... within 60 days of moving in, we had a MAJOR backup in the restrooms... ALL the toilets became clogged and the "sewage" started to back into each bathroom.... The culprit was a flushable wipe...

The plumber told me that MOST of their calls for blockages now are from those.. I cannot imagine how bad they would clog an RV system.....
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Explorer II
Explorer II
I always remind guests that nothing goes in the toilet except what came out of you and the TP on the roll. Anything else goes in the trash. If it's too nasty to leave in the bathroom trash or if you're embarrassed by whatever it is, tie up the plastic grocery bag lining the trash can, put in a fresh bag, and dispose of it elsewhere. Nobody will know what's in it.

I have 2 apartments above my shop. The building was built in 72 and I never had a drain clogged up until 2 years ago. The culprit was the same,"flushable wipes". They should be banned.

Despite the claims, no wipes degrade enough to really qualify as flushable.

Jeff - 2023 FR Sunseeker 2400B MBS

When our granddaughter and then infant great granddaughter stayed with us in the motorhome a few years back, I posted a very obvious sign over the toilet that read "Do Not Flush Wipes - Dispose in Plastic Bag" as a reminder to our verbal instructions. I've never had to clear our own black tank, but I have done it for others. And was well paid for the job... 😉
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