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Turnbuckle advice

I recently purchased a used Arctic Fox 990. It came with happy jack standard turnbuckles. Only the front ones are spring loaded. According to etrailer website, they are not recommended for frame mounted tie downs (which I have, front and rear). Do I ...

From MH to TT

Gave up the motorhome 4 years ago and realized that we missed the camping lifestyle. Bought a new 2022 Cruiser couples trailer.I have been trying to get used to towing instead of driving only pulled it twice so far.

tow with all wheel drive?

Our 94 Suburban cracked a head so were looking for a newer Suburban. Many of them seem to be all wheel drive, can you tow with those?

LVJJJ by Explorer
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Help me with current best manufacturers

It's been some time since I have owned an RV...things have changed. I walked through a couple today at a local dealer and what impressed me was the use of space when you go from 17-18 feet to 25-28 feet. The larger feels like a small (LOL) apartmen...

Thoughts on a plug-in hybrid conversion

Hello!I am the founder of a Seattle-based startup. We are developing a family of universal retrofit kits that convert existing vehicles into plug-in hybrids. Our first product will be for pickup trucks, and I am hoping to get some thoughts from this ...

$100,000 Host Campers

$100,000 Host CampersWe custom ordered our 2023 Everest through these guys but our cost was no way near what they are asking for the two listed on their website. We came from a Grand Design TT and occasionally look at them and noticed an increase in...

wjlapier by Explorer
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Suggestion for trip to desert southwest

Hello fellow TCrs,It's been a minute. Sadly the Northstar has been tucked safely in the carport for a few years but it's finally time to give the solar panels a little sunlight.I had planned a variation on this trip for 2020 but then covid hit and di...

DWeikert by Explorer II
  • 23 replies

Mystery leak

Just discovered my 12 year old TT is leaking from somewhere. The floor under the sheet vinyl floor covering is gone. You press down on it and its hollow underneath. Its right up against the wall in the front bedroom and probably comes in three or fou...

d1h by Nomad II
  • 9 replies

How screwed am I ? Boneheaded jacking mistake

So I screwed up pretty good and jacked my trailer mistakenly by the axel mounting plate and bent it pretty good right in front of the rear wheel bolt, the welds appear to still be good and don’t see any other obvious damage. I have a big trip coming...

Ford Econoline Van wire pass through firewall

I'm trying to run a wire from the engine compartment to the inside passenger compartment.Has anyone done this on a Ford Van? I heard about going through on the passenger side but I can't find anything on the web.Seems VERY tight on the drivers side s...

NJ6PACK by Explorer
  • 5 replies

F250 upgrades

I have a 2015 F250. It's has a 6.5 bed, and it's a diesel. Both of those facts mean that the cargo carrying capacity is diminished compared to a long bed gasser. I haul a 5th wheel and it noticeably squats the the truck. After reading THIS article, I...

RKW by Explorer
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Happijac issue

I’m trying to get the remote for these to work with the receiver , but No! I can get all the jacks work at once and the rear to work ok , but the fronts don’t work, I have tried connecting cable to the receiver from the remote, and to reprogram the ...

mattyj by Explorer
  • 32 replies

2014 mazda cx9 suv

hi towing a trailer 3500# Mazda CX9 touring which hitch should i use.trailer is light weight under 2500#and thanks.

Roof Replacement

My roof has water damage. While stored beside my house, some water has slowing leaked into the roof over time. Damage seems minor, except for the interior plastic that is glued to the ceiling. This plastic has peeled over time. I am wondering if I wi...