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midi heki replacement for a 2012 Lance 855S camper

I have a 2012 Lance 855S camper with the bed roof hatch completely destroyed by a wind storm. Pieces were scattered to the 4 corners of the earth.So I'm looking for a replacement, but having a tough time finding one. Can anyone suggest where I migh...

Filtering Our Diesel Storage Tanks For on Road Use

Hello,I am putting a 50 Gallon diesel storage tank back into service for my 2013 Ram truck. It has been completely cleaned out and ready to go however I want to filter the fuel really, really well before pumping into the truck. Any recommendations on...

SweetLou by Explorer
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Looking in Denver, CO for a campground where I can store RV for 8 mths and hook up to utilities for 1 mth each quarter, without moving RV. Cliff

Not bad for 11 years and 240,000 miles.

Still running the factory brakes.New fuel pump at 180,000.Miscellaneous items and regular maintenance. Doesn't use a drop of oil between oil changes and that's carrying the 4000 lb camper fulltime.It sure has been and still is a great truck.

specta by Explorer
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Lithium battery box temps

Evening gents I was wondering if anybody monitors their battery box temps in freezing weather?Built up earlier this year two 280ahrs each LifePO4 battery's for my AF990 giving me a total capacity of 560ahrs. So now that it's a bit colder and I plan o...

greenno by Explorer
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No scheduled maintenance on Ford Superduty

I have a 2021 Ford F250 with the 7.3 gas engine and the 10 speed transmission. It was bought new and has 20k on the odometer. Supposedly there is no scheduled maintenance on the transmission! I've always changed transmission fluid in all my previ...

Looking to buy

I'm looking to buy a 35' Holiday Rambler TT. Location isn't an issue. If anyone has one or knows of onr please let me know.

KJW by Explorer
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Slide when mounted to truck

Hello all. We always take our camper off the truck when camping. This winter we are headed to SW TX and NM and it will take us 6 nights to get there, each night staying at a different place (we haul horses behind us in case you are wondering why so s...

ognend by Explorer
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Snoozy Resurrection

Another company has bought the Snoozy molds and has renamed it Snoozy II. Has anyone else bought one & what do you think of it? Reason I'm asking is that a cousin of my wife wants something she can tow behind her Subaru Outback which can tow up 3000 ...