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2024 Northern California Truck Camper Rally

It's hard to believe but it is that time of year to start planning for our 2024 Northern California Truck Camper rally. We had a great time last year and hope to build on it this year. This year I am going to try to put a little more structure into t...

adamis by Nomad
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Truck Camper Trip Reports – V3.0

IntroductionThis sticky thread is designed to capture a selection of trip reports members have created over the years. There is a lot of great stuff out there and it would be a real pity for it to be lost because people could no longer find it.Big th...

kohldad by Explorer
  • 25 replies

Truck in front of the camper

I've been out of the truck camper world for a few years but want to get back into it before I get too old to enjoy it. Looking to buy an older Chevy 3500 w/ an 8.1 gas motor. Want to make sure I can handle any camper I will find. Hoping to do just s...

mkletka by Explorer
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Sleepy whereabouts

Has anyone heard from Sleepy recently? He was a knowledgable old fellow and it was fun to read about his frequent TC Boondocking reports. He ventured over to FB a few years ago and that was the last i heard. Hope he’s still kicking around.Rick

RICKIM by Explorer III
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New to truck campers

We have been RVing for the past 17 years. We have owned 2 popups, a Class A and numerous Travel Trailers. We sold our Travel Trailer last month and are thinking about a TC. I have a F150 with the 5.5' bed and Eco Boost engine. Are there any small...

Needed the surge protector last night

I always keep my camper ready to roll when I'm home.  Truck fueled, fridge stocked, fresh tank filled and shore line plugged in.  I do it for spur of the moment trips and the fact that I live in earthquake country.One thin I had been thinking about w...

TK-30 EMS.jpg

Re: What Happened to the Truck Camper Forum?

 67avion @67avion wrote:-------- "This new Forum does not feel user friendly - rather it seems to be designer friendly." LMAO...  I am also trying, but this site is just painful to navigate and so bassackwards to absorb.    Ugh

Avion truck campers - Hundreds of photos

Without going into too much painful detail, we had a mishap several week-ends ago. While working with sand bag crews on the Mississippi River, the truck and camper fell into the flood waters as a road collapsed. Because of a number of issues dealing ...

67avion by Explorer II
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I'm getting used to the new forum.

It does take some time and in many ways it's better than RVnet.  Although my heart will always be in a truck camper I'm afraid I'll be leaving soon.  We looked at a couple of Minnie Winnies and forest river Rockwood's.  We liked them and are much eas...

2018 Wolf Creek 850 wiring diagram

Hello All,I'm wiring up an inverter and there are 4 different wires that are terminated directly on the positive terminal of the battery and some do not go through the kill switch under the sink. One is blue, the others are red. Some I've been able...

Davem_ by Explorer
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Resolved! New Truck Camper Forum Comments

I wonder how many will come over to the new forum page from RV.Net?  I thought we would see all of our old subjects over here and just continue on as usual, but so far they haven't been moved.  I hope the forum continues as this was the last page tha...

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MORSNOW by Navigator
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the breakdown that saved my hide

My wife qualified for the National Dressage finals in Kentucky and we live in Northern California.  That means we were doing a 5000 mile round trip hauling the horse.  It also means we were going to cross the Sierras and the Rockies twice on I80.  Th...

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Buzzcut1 by Nomad II
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Truck Camper Trip Reports

Just so the TCTR don't get lost I'm posting a link to it, until the webmaster can figure out how pin it to the beginning and keep there.https://Truck Camper Trip


In old my username was c.traveler2, this new version change it slightly to c_traveler2. This is the second time I've logged in and see that they merge the TCTR on to this site. I thought they would be lost, such great stories. I go back on the...

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