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Kitchen countertop

I have a Wilderness travel trailer and my kitchen counter top is warping can anyone tell me where I can get a replacement counter... Would love to have one that is solid like corion with the sinks molded in

ergwin1 by Explorer
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Ultra Fab Kudos

My Ultra Fab 3500 electric tongue jack quit working last Sunday, it started to "grind" really loud and stopped. The gears were stuck. I could not use the manual wrench provided. So I removed it from the TT, and took it a part. I did not see anything ...

How do I use air bags?

Hi all. We recently traded our Sierra in on a 2010 3/4 ton Yukon, as we wanted the extra passenger capacity. The previous owner had installed air bags and a compressor. Can anyone tell me how best to utilise these? I put some air in them a few times,...

2013 F350 Shopping: Options to consider?

So I'm considering upgrading my TV to get some breathing room on my payload. As much as I love my Tundra, after hitching up and loading up the family, I have no more capacity to toss motorcycle/scooter/generators/firewood in the bed. Standard 1/2 t...

breeno by Explorer
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Hello all again been a while since account was hacked but not I'm back on and I'm having a problem with my truck... I keep getting CEL and a scan it and it says air intake flow position sensor if I'm not mistakin any one have a clue what I have to do...

Chevy Silverado 1500 Max Tow (NHT)

We're at Topsail Hill State Park, and a couple here in the campground are towing a Crusader 5th Wheel with the TV in the subject line. According to Primetime's web site, their lightest 5th wheel has a published dry weight of 8,444 pounds, and a tong...

manley by Explorer
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Lippert in wall slide system valuable info

My new TT has this system and there were no manuals in the packet. I asked the guy in the shop at the Dealer how to retract the slide in an emergency and he said I would have to cut out portions of the interior wall. That answer made my decision to n...

leftybj by Explorer
  • 17 replies

Question about Solar ....

FIRST... let me say i know NOTHING about solar... except that its costly. lolIs anyone using solar with an A frame trailer ?i know its expensive but if its possible... i want to consider it for times i am not connected to shore power.i want to run ...

Left Water Heater on While Driving

I just left my campsite and forgot to turn my water heater off. Will I have problems with it next time I camp. I don't usually do this. I'm hoping there was some water in it, left over from camping. Would I have smelled something burning if there was...

MsCraftT by Explorer
  • 10 replies

New TT - Gutter Extention fell off

We went out to the storage area where we are keeping our TT to do some minor mods to the bunk beds. While walking around the TT like a new owner should, I found the extention laying on the ground. It looks like it wasn't chalked correctly. Should ...

Kitty Litter ?

I was told that Kitty Litter can be used as a moisture collector in my camper when it is closed up and stored. Does anyone use this? Also what type?When I was at the store I saw several types, clay base & corn cob, scented & unscented.Thanks,GAF

gaflick by Explorer
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First Trip in New TT, Already Hit a Fence...ugh

We took our new Jayco out this past weekend and had a great time...except when pulling it out from our yard I nicked a bolt on the fence and bent the vertical corner back exposing the wood.We're leaving town this week and it's going to snow, so I dec...