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06 mobile suites 36TK3 water heater

Can you provide me with information on water heater operation on the propane side.I can operate on AC but am not sure about lighting from propane.there are three buttons on the control panel,WATER HEATER-PUMP-LIGHTS,can you tell me what they all do?W...

Battery power kicking out

I have been dry camping for a couple of weeks running off Batteries. I charge with a genny every three days. a couple of times now we have been sitting in the trailer reading and all the lights go off and there is a click from the converter. After...

We have a ghost in our Bigfoot TC 2500-9-6

We seem to be experiencing some kind of electrical problem when connected to shore power only ( with the red wire (+) to the battery disconnected) when we turn on any 12 volt power source (15amp) the radio (Kenwood) will turn off and then a second o...

GULFMAN by Explorer
  • 14 replies

Fixed!!! Norcold AC Heater Element

I have a model 841. I can access the element (barely) but am not sure how to remove it. I have read that it simple slides into a tube but mine seems to be stuck. Did not want to force it if it is secured in some way. Any ideas?Updated--finally got th...

Generator question

I know theres a device that you put between a generator and the device being powered that "cleans" the power as not to ruin delecate electronics . What is it called? Im in the market but cant find options because I dont know what they're called.I nee...

nycsteve by Explorer
  • 7 replies

Leaky !@#$% Roof Air Conditioner

1987 Fleetwood Bounder. Previous owner must've had trouble with it too because there is slight ceiling damage from moisture, but it's minimal. He replaced the gasket before I bought it in 2007. I replaced it when it leaked in 2008, again in 2012, ...

Toilet seal

Hi -The seal on our RV toilet isn't holding water in the toilet for longer then 5-6 hours. I've tried cleaning it - its not the easiest thing to access to clean. I purchased some toilet seal lubricant/conditioner and let that sit in it for several ...

Norcold 120 volt heating element

I have a Norcold model 6162. It blows the 5 amp fuse on the power board at times. How many ohms should I read across the heating element ?How many amps should this heating element draw?I may need to replace the heating element, but I cannot seem to b...

Adding water to AGM battery?

Greetings,I have 2 Concorde 6V AGM batteries in my TC which are almost 10 years old. These batteries have been used continuously for the last 8 years as I live full-time in my rig. Batteries are charged with 200 watts of solar panels. I've been extre...

unbob by Explorer
  • 43 replies

SOLVED!-Mysterious black box behind Dometic refer?

Dometic RM3663 3 way refridgerator...Just returned from outing and on the way up (&home) refer wasn't working. Usual aux amp draw of 10-12 not showing on amp gauge. I assumed a relay/bad connection, failed constant duty solenoid or something else tha...

AnEv942 by Nomad
  • 10 replies

Condensation inside voyager camera

After just a few months of use, a few weeks in storage and of course tons of rain, we have discovered there is condensation inside the camera. So as we prepare to take a trip, the monitor image is blurry. Anyone know of any remedy for this? Other ...

New Digital Thermnostat.

I am having to replace the old analog Duotherm Thermostat with a new Digital model. There are no instructions in the cardboard box, only a wiring diagram on the inside of the new "control box" that replaces the old one inside the AC unit. My main pro...

Dr_Quick by Explorer II
  • 3 replies

Pairing Eu2000's

Anyone know if you can pair up a Canadian Eu2000 with an American Eu2000 companion?I know Canadian Eu2000's cannot be paired.

StewB by Explorer
  • 18 replies